Growing Pains

If you've stumbled across this page it was entirely by chance, and if you're reading this it's probably not a coincidence. Something about the Mudita Yoga vision and mission has drawn you here, and that's pretty awesome!

Mudita Yoga Inc is still very much in the planning stages. But I can see just how beautiful this space will be once we get over some growing pains.

Because it's a small operation, currently primarily run by one person, it has had setbacks as I personally have experienced setbacks. 2021 has been a roller coaster year for me in some beautiful but also tragic ways. However, it also means I'm more dedicated to wellness and self-care than I ever was before.

I absolutely cannot wait to build this space up and start to heal with other women drawn to this mission. However, don't let the growing pains scare you away. In order for this to be a thriving commUNITY we need you and your beauty and talents. If you feel called to join now, please don't let the call pass you by. The more active you are, the better the commUNITY will be.

Love to you all,


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