Second to second

I tell my friends I heal out loud, because if working as a therapist taught me anything, it's that dis-ease thrives in secrecy.

Shame doesn't like to be spoken because it cannot withstand the logic test and the alternative explanations that occur with introspection.

So here I am speaking as loudly and clearly as I can. I'm drowning in grief. Most of the time I feel numb and other times I feel all the things. I want something that would have never been. My heart is broken. Absolutely broken.

I guess being that close to mortality... An innocent life that never had a chance, to go under such heartbreaking circumstances... It's almost too much to bear. I couldn't go back to the same old same old after I lost Little Robbie.

So now I'm walking the walk. Being transparent as I can be about this healing process to help others, myself, and have the accountability of this commUNITY.

Right now my daily self-care looks like...

-Rising early enough to drink water and tea, and plan my day

-Do a Surya Namaskar sadhana when I am feeling physically well

-Taking meds on time

-AM and PM beauty regimens including brushing teeth

-Getting my house in order

-Catching up on my 300hr work

-Reading and Writing

I don't do it perfectly everyday, and there are definitely some things missing from the list. But that's what I'm doing to survive from second to second.

How are you surviving second to second these days? What are you adding in your daily routine for self-care right now? What would you like to add?

Let's talk...



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