Thinking ahead: Year Two

First of all I want to embrace gratitude.

Thank you so much if you're still hanging with me.

It's been quite the up and down first year, and unfortunately this space wasn't always a priority for me due to personal obstacles.

You have my word that I am committed to changing that for year two. My main priority is building this community of women and I am so excited about the good things coming!

I am imagining a year full of weekly check-ins where women can gather and support each other through the so called "joys and terrors of life," as my wise yoga teacher would say. I also want to have monthly challenges, psycho-educational content and experiential offerings, yoga and mindfulness classes, and more.

We will breathe new life into our special projects, namely gathering stories to assemble our book of womanhood. We will also look into grant opportunities to further the mission of Mudita.

So I'm just sayin... don't fall asleep on Mudita. It's going to be a great year of growth and I'm here for it!

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