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The Sister Fund

About The Sister Fund

Mudita Yoga Inc 

What is The Sister Fund?

To support our objective of improving the lives of women in most need we maintain a public charity called The Sister Fund, and support it by contributing 40% of Mudita's net proceeds. We use the fund to provide financial assistance to women in need, and we partner with direct service organizations that help women in need in order to identify opportunities for mutual aid. 

What organizations do we support?

This season we are supporting Access Reproductive Care- Southeast.

We are continually exploring other opportunities to support organizations that improve the lives of women in most need. Connect with us here if you would like to partner with our organization. 

What causes are supported?

We are particularly called to support:

  • women's access to quality mental health care

  • reproductive justice

  • women experiencing domestic violence

  • organizations that aid unhoused women

  • safe housing for LGBTQ+

  • women impacted by sex trafficking

How to donate

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