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Yoga Practice

Ways to Give

Below are a list of ways you can donate and fundraise for Mudita Yoga Inc. Your donations and fundraising efforts go to support this wonderful community of women so that we can keep services free. They also help us maintain The Sister Fund. Thank you for believing in us!


You can donate directly to Mudita Yoga Inc through PayPal. 

Sitting Meditation

Facebook Fundraiser

We are verified on Facebook! You can sponsor a fundraiser for Mudita Yoga Inc for your Facebook friends and family. Simply follow the prompts to start a fundraiser when making a post and search for Mudita Yoga Inc.


Bonfire Store

Get Mudita Yoga Inc merch at our Bonfire store

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Mudita is always on the lookout for healers that want to share their work with our community. There are many different ways we can facilitate this. Feel free to contact us with what you'd like to offer. We welcome healers from all paths.

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