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Yoga for me. Yoga For you.


Mudita Yoga Inc is a non-profit Cooperative Wellness Community of women who seek to eliminate barriers to accessing quality wellness and mental health care for women. 


Corynne (CJ) Stewart was inspired to create this space to help women like her who have struggled to find quality mental health and wellness care. Further for women who have a strong desire to live their best lives, but struggle to do so without peer support.

Her dream is that this becomes a strong inclusive commUNITY of women who reach their wellness goals while supporting each other through cooperative wellness.

She envisions the Sister fund able to sustain several scholarships a year for women in need of quality mental health care facing financial roadblocks. She also envisions a strong network of collaborators from organizations with similar missions to provide a community-based safety net for people seeking quality wellness and mental health care.

Finally she envisions a wellness center in her community supported by donations to further the mission.


We are proudly Black, queer, woman, neurodivergent, and disabled owned. The Board of Directors is proudly operated by a diverse group of women from diverse backgrounds.