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Connect for CommUNITY healing

Join our community of women dedicated to cooperative wellness. You will find a safe place where you can be with a commUNITY of like-minded women. We support and uplift each other. We never walk alone, and we'd love to love on you! 100% free. This is not about money. It's about the power of commUNITY and the value and worthiness we bring to the table just by being.

Support the Cause

We are a non-profit community and current donations go to support start up and operational costs. We would also love to begin establishing the Sister fund. The Sister fund would support women facing financial roadblocks to seeking quality mental health care.

Join our network of Light Workers

We are always looking for collaborators with like-minded values and goals. If you offer programming that is quality as well as FREE or low cost and would like to join specifically to offer services to the community, please click the link below.